Media-Making Methods

In this section I am going to give examples of Carlo Petrini's media about Slow Food and his philosophy, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of his presentation.  I will also comment on the things I have learned from his media-making techniques.

Carlo Petrini Media

Slow Food Revolution

This book was written by Carlo Petrini and Gigi Padovani and is an in-depth history of Carlo Petrini's life and the birth of the Slow Food Movement.  The book begins with the story or Carlo Petrini's background and his early life.  It describes his involvement in Catholic and communist organization and tells of his constant struggle against right-wing and Fascist politics.  He is shown as a Communist who is fighting for a free government where people can say what they want and indulge in responsible pleasure.  The book then goes into the various organizations that led up to the creation of the Slow Food Movement. 
The way Slow Food Revolution is put together is interesting because only about a third of the text comes directly from Carlo Petrini's mouth.  As you can see by the cover, the book is designed to be a conversation between Gigi Padovani and Carlo Petrini, which allows for a much more complete history of Carlo's past from an outsider's view, while also getting a first-hand account of experiences from Carlo himself.  Although I found the text a bit too much like a history book to enjoy strictly for pleasure, it has very valuable information about the way a movement can get started and what qualities are needed by a strong leader.

Slow Food

This book was written solely by Petrini and is a more descriptive piece about Slow Food and its philosophies and activities.  Petrini, although he is here translated, is a very charismatic writer and presents explanations in a way that is both elegant and conversational.  I think the main value of this book is the way the reader can plainly detect Petrini's passion for the movement and to learn the entirety of Slow Food's work and contribution to eco-friendly and pleasurable eating experiences today.  I like this book for what it is: a book.  However, I feel that writing is not Carlo's strongest asset because he is such a charismatic individual and to truly experience that, one must see him either in person or on video doing a speech.

"Slow Food Nation: An Evening with Carlo Petrini"

This is part of a speech by Carlo Petrini as he talks to Americans about the Slow Food ideals.  This is the best way to understand the charisma surrounding Petrini and to see what is needed in an effective leader.  He uses humor to relax the audience while making them realize important points about his philosophy.  He is making the counter-argument to Slow Food appear weak and ridiculous.  This is the media that I think I have learned the most from and will keep in mind when trying to spread my own ideas.  People will side with a person, despite a possibly weak argument, if they are charismatic.  Petrini, of course, has a strong argument, but his passion and approachability make it have a much larger impact on the world, which is obvious when one looks at what he's done with Slow Food.

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