June 22, 1949
Carlo Petrini is born in Bra, Italy.
Carlo Petrini is made president of the Bra branch of the Societa di San Vincenzo De Paoli.
Carlo Petrini and his friends start a cultural club called Circolo Leonardo Cocito.
April 28, 1971
Il Manifesto becomes a newspaper.
The members of Circolo Leonardo Cocito join Il Manifesto, which has transformed into a political party.
September 1974
The members of Circolo Leonardo Cocito publish the first issue of a political magazine called In Campo Rosso.
Circulo Leonardo Cocito open a grocery store selling only local products in an attempt to keep down prices: Spacio di unita popolare.
Carlo Petrini becomes a member of the Bra city council.
June 17, 1975
The members of Circolo Leonardo Cocito open an independent radio station called Radio Bra Onde Rosse.
Radio Bra Onde Rosse closes.
La Gola magazine is created.
June 1983
Carlo Petrini begins to write for La Gola.
November 26, 1983
The Arci Gola is formed.
November 3, 1987
"The Slow Food Manifesto"
appears in Il Manifesto.
December 1989
The first meeting of the International Slow Food Movement is held in Paris.

Carlo Petrini was born to a Catholic mother and a Communist father.  He was always thought of as a natural leader and though he was raised Catholic, he was more interested in Catholicism as an organizational tool when he became the president of the Catholic organization Societa di San Vincenzo de Paoli, Bra.  Through his leadership in this organization, he gained many friends and was able to organize to support his beliefs regarding food and culture.  After leading this Catholic organization, he became head organizer of many political groups that pushed for Communist politics.  Through his desire to assist people and make things more affordable, he began to be interested in local goods.  This interest developed gradually into an interest in food as a tool to promote better environmental policies and an appreciation for local tradition and culture.  These are the ideas that make up the Slow Food Movement.

(This information was gathered from the book Slow Food Revolution by Carlo Petrini & Gigi Padovani, published in 2006.)

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